SILICOSEN® type super
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SILICOSEN® type super

Excellent permeability and suitable for aerobic bacteria cultures and agitated cultures.

SILICOSEN® and BIO-SILICO® are sterile stoppers manufactured in a special process which have regular pores, thus making them ideal for the preparation and sterilisation of culture media. The uniform pores and good permeability to air make the stoppers ideally suitable for cultivation of aerobic microorganisms. Both versions are resistant to chemicals and temperature, repel liquids and can be used several times.



Code-No. Description Dimension mm d1 Dimension mm d2 Dimension mm d3 Dimension mm l1 Neck diameter in inner diameter in mm
8905828 silicone stopper green 28 17 18 27 17-26
8905835 silicone stopper green 35 24 20 30 24-33
8905840 silicone stopper green 40 28 20 30 28-38


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8905828 – silicone stopper green, 8905835 – silicone stopper green, 8905840 – silicone stopper green