ringcaps® for Reflotron® , Li-hep.
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ringcaps® for Reflotron® , Li-hep.

ringcaps® for Reflotron® , disposable capillary pipettes, with ring mark at 32 µl, lithium heparinized, DURAN®, certified conformity, with LOT number on the packaging, labelled with: usable until, CE pursuant to IVD 98/79 EC.

The original for the Reflotron® system from Boehringer Mannheim (now called Roche Diagnostics GmbH). Optimum analytical results guaranteed.


Code-No. Description Volume µl
9550532 ringcaps® for Reflotron®, 32 µl 32


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9550532 – ringcaps® for Reflotron®, 32 µl


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