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rea-pur® Rapid cleaning agent

Cleans materials such as glass, porcelain, rubber, plastics and metals rapidly, automatically and carefully of oil, grease, wax, resin, silicone, blood, protein and serum residues with anti-corrosion additives (avoid longer exposure times in the case of aluminium and zinc!).

  • Graduations are not attacked
  • Sensitive tests are not influenced
  • Also suitable for cleaning and decontamination of walls and floors
  • Free of chlorine and caustic alkalis
  • Good skin toleration and non-toxic
  • Environmentally friendly, as the active agents are biologically degradable
  • Extremely economical: 0.5 % working solution, can be used several times
  • Also suitable for ultrasonic bath


Code-No. Description Quantity
9710102 Cleaner rea-pur® – Pail 2,0 kg
9710105 Cleaner rea-pur® – Pail 5,0 kg


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9710102 – Cleaner rea-pur® – Pail 2kg, 9710105 – Cleaner rea-pur® – Pail 5kg