SKU: 9760101 - Reiniger rea-calc®


rea-calc® Liquid descaling agent

Removes encrusted and stubborn dirt rapidly, automatically and carefully, including boiler and urine scale, limescale deposits, scum lines, grease and protein residues, proven in the removal of residues in the case of sinks, toilettes, shower rooms, swimming pools, fittings, massage showers, hot water heaters, coffee machines, immersion heaters, stainless steel sinks, animal cages, urine bottles, bedpans and laboratory vessels.

  • Removes cement residue and layers of grime on tiles
  • Free of hydrochloric and formic acid
  • Does not develop any pungent and acrid odour
  • Very economical: 2 to 5 % working concentration


Code-No. Description Quantity
9760101 Cleaner rea-calc® 1,0 l


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9760101 – Cleaner rea-calc