96er Hirschmann-plates
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96er Hirschmann-plates

Microtitration plate, PP, with fixed and loose glass inserts, light, high purity and chemically inert, standardised plate dimensions 124 x 81 mm, with 96 cavities. Microtitration plates, PP, standardised plate dimensions 124 x 81 mm, without inserts for multiple use and self-configuration. Translucent plastic cover included in standard scope of delivery.


Code-No. Description Volume µl No. of vessels Delivery time and minimum order quantity on request
9240196 Hirschmann-plates, 96er 1200 96
9241196 Hirschmann-plates, 96er 1200 96


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9240196 – Hirschmann-plates 96er, 9240596- Hirschmann-plates, 96er, 9241196 – Hirschmann-plates 96er