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Quality Hirschmann
A short overview

Quality management

Hirschmann quality is orientated towards the market. This is why we consistently focus all processes, products and services on our customers.

At Hirschmann, producing quality means that employees must think quality when performing their tasks and exercise personal responsibility for their work – embedded at all times in the guidelines of the Hirschmann quality management system. Highly motivated personnel and the latest technology are therefore the guarantee of the proverbial Hirschmann quality. The bedrock of this is a quality management system conforming to DIN EN ISO 9001 and EN 13485 which is the guarantor for systematic consideration of quality over the entire product lifecycle – from development to service.


Safety and quality (worldwide)

When it comes to quality, Hirschmann believes in achieving the highest standards. Achievement of this objective is ensured by a precisely tailored integrated quality and environmental management system.

Know-how and sophisticated technologies are the main strengths behind Hirschmann. We create user-friendly products through the combination of the proven and the new. Two things or of exceptional importance in this respect: reliability and quality. We set the highest standards when it comes to the reliability of our services. Quality assurance is a firm component of every area in this context, with each product undergoing numerous tests before market maturity is reached. This enables us to maintain a consistent and uniformly high level of quality – globally and on all markets. The superior quality of our products, processes and services is governed by the following principles in this context:

Focus on the customer

We network closely with our customers and are fully aware of their real needs. This is of decisive importance when designing our products and services. The most significant factors are: reliability, superior quality, innovation and environmental compatibility. Experienced, professional consulting and excellent service are further important standards.

Do more than the law requires

Hirschmann Laborgeräte is an internationally active company. Products therefore meet the legal and official regulations of different countries and markets.

All Hirschmann employees are called upon to actively ensure the quality of processes, products and services within their working environment. The promotion of this awareness of quality and responsibility is a management task at Hirschmann. Management ensures that the corporate quality policy and associated systems are understood and actively communicated. Continuous further training and education and the continuous improvement process anchored firmly in production also contribute to the enhancement of the awareness of responsibility and motivation of employees.

Optimise processes, avoid errors

We work with standardised key processes and core products to ensure the achievement of a consistently high level of quality. Continuous inspection and analysis of these procedures serve as the basis for improvement measures. The principle of error avoidance instead of error remedying plays a central role in this respect. This is why we employ a variety of inspection methods and techniques in addition to systematic project management.

These are supported by the qualification and validation of production processes and close cooperation with suppliers so we can integrate their work precisely in our overall processes. All of this ensures that a product meets predefined standards and achieves the level of quality specified.

Manufacturing quality

Production in harmony with the environment

Planning and processes are based on this philosophy in Hirschmann production. We therefore attach enormous importance to the highest level of quality. Superior-quality raw materials, the latest technology, absolute hygiene and highly qualified employees are the most important pillars in this process. Continuous inspections at different production stages also ensure the uniformly high quality of our finished products. As “citizens of society”, we ensure that our production processes are in harmony with the environment and do not impair it in any way.

This self-imposed obligation also includes ensuring that our employees enjoy a safe and optimally designed workplace atmosphere.